We are digital artists.

Why make a mountain out of a molehill? A molehill is not just some miscreant of an errant garden rodent, it is the glorious blueprint of great ambition. It is the paper plane that becomes a jumbo jet. The idle whistle that becomes a symphony. The raw ingredients that will one day make that awesome sandwich you always craved on that hazy morning after the night before.

Mountains aren’t easy, but to grasp the infinite is just what feels right, it’s what gets us out of bed each morning.

Multi-award winning digital arts duo Toby Pike and Piotr Stopniak (better known as Toby and Pete) along side Executive Producer, Amanda Wu (ex Saddington Baynes and Electric Art) established Make Mountains to work alongside artists, designers, creatives, directors and photographers with one goal in mind, to create outstanding artworks.

It’s collaboration in its purest form, it’s about seeing your idea, your thought bubble, your doodle on the back of a napkin and making something amazing with it. It’s the realisation of that spark of an idea you had in the shower that morning. We are your digital crafts person, your CGI artist, Animator and Creative Retoucher. We are your minds digital interpreter, rearranging ones and zeros into beautiful vivid imagery.

So send us your ideas, or drop by to tell us in person and let’s Make Mountains together because the air at the top is oh so delicious.